Benefits of Pilates

If your goal is to lose weight, tighten and tone muscles, gain flexibility and improve the overall strength of your body, then Pilates is what you're looking for.  Joseph Pilates stated, "In 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, in 30 sessions you have a completely new body."  Whether you're just learning about Pilates for the first time or have been working on it for years, Flo Pilates staff will cater to your needs.
Pilates Class Offerings


$75 Per Session, 10 sessions for $700

One on one with the instructors to design an authentic Pilates  program.  They will instruct you on the proper use of all Pilates equipment at Flo Pilates Studio.  These sessions are a must for beginners to ensure proper development and technique.


$60 Per Session, 10 Sessions for $550

Instruction is similar to a private class and designed to continue your Pilates development.  This class is perfect for couples, friends and workout partners.


$17 Per Session, $120 for Monthly Unlimited Classes

These classes are designed for Pilates students of all experience levels.  We offer mat classes throughout the week for groups of up to 8.  (no appointment necessary)


$30 Per Session, 5 Sessions for $125

Open Studio*

$75 Per Month

Open studio allows students to workout in an independent setting.  Open studio is offered to intermediate and advanced students looking to enhance their Pilates workout.

*Classes available at the discretion of Flo Pilates Studio