Why Pilates?

 Pilates is a system of exercise originally developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate prisoners of war in the late 1920’s. This technique of exercise is now recognized as one the most effective methods to increase fitness levels, maintain strength, and maintain flexibility. Pilates has been used for years by world class athletes such as golfers, boxers, dancers and gymnasts as a foundation for their peak strength needs. Over the last two decades it has become recognized by health and wellness professionals including orthopedic professionals and physical therapists as an excellent means of healing injuries and promoting spinal health.
Core Principles of Pilates

The Pilates Method: emphasizes core strengthening, flexibility, and awareness as the foundation
for effortless movement. There are six key principles that make up Pilates:

Centering: Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the powerhouse area
between the lower ribs and pelvic floor.

Concentration: Focusing on the movement before any muscle activation occurs. This
creates an ultimate mind-body connection. Then using the mind to activate muscles
that support the movement creating a deeper and more effective result or benefit.

Control: Every Pilates exercise is done with complete control from the inside out.
This allows joints, weaknesses and injured areas to rest while stabilizing the total body.

Precision: Through precision, muscle response is strengthened and more efficient
movement is created. This translates into increased endurance and stamina in every
day activities. Precision leads to proper form, which is key to injury prevention.

Breath: Breath is important for a total mind-body connection. Breathing is one
of the most important parts of exercising, thinking, or even simply relaxing.
The deeper the breath, the healthier the mind and body can function. Each
exercise in Pilates is coordinated with a breathing style to train the body
to move deeper with a flowing breath.

Flow: Pilates teaches us to tap into our inner machine by flowing through
each exercise with 100 percent ease. This “flow” is what makes Pilates
exercises look effortless. To achieve this, breath, concentration,
and core muscles are used simultaneously. Using all principles
for each exercise is an ultimate Pilates approach. In this way
each exercise is designed to strengthen and stretch the mind
and body, while healing injuries or promoting wellness.

Romanas Pilates Certified Instructors remain committed to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. They are continually raising the bar with their quality of instruction, professionalism, and knowledge. Through the Romanas way, work-out programs are customized to specific body and minds needs. No other Pilates method comes close. “As an instructor and student, I am always searching for a new way to challenge the Pilates method. I use my own body as an experiment and keep Pilates as my foundation. Personally, I used Pilates to correct an old low back injury, open my hips, rehab a knee injury, and take my strength to new heights. The most rewarding thing I have learned from Pilates is that the body is an amazing machine and it can heal itself in many ways. Pilates reverses the old habits that beat on the joints and begins to give back to the places that we need to keep us healthy, young, and strong! I am continually amazed at the capabilities of Pilates with total wellness.”… Teresa Floyd